ULTIMA Dyna 2K Single Fire Programmable Ignition Kit'70 & up Harley EVO/Shovel

ULTIMA Dyna 2K Single Fire Programmable Ignition Kit'70 & up Harley EVO/Shovel

ULTIMA Dyna 2K Single Fire Programmable Ignition Kit'70 & up Harley EVO/Shovel

Ultima Single Fire Ignition Kit. Do you want to increase your performance, horsepower, fuel economy, spark plug life, easy of starting and ride comfort and do it with just one easy to install part? Or, are you looking to change your throttle curves, program your rear cylinder offset and raise your rev limiter and other advanced tuning features? Well this kit does both! If you just put this in without using a computer, you will get all of the first things mentioned.

You choose the level of difficulty you want; easy or advanced. What is Single fire and Dual fire? Harley Davidsons have two cylinders and of course two spark plugs. When one piston is compressing or firing the other is either on its way down or on its way back up.

The problem is that when the correct spark plug is firing so is the other one, this is dual fire; both plugs fire at the same time even though only one is needed. The problem is that there may be fuel remaining in the other piston which will ignite causing the engine to fight itself by trying to pushing the upward moving piston back down again. This affects you in many ways, increased vibration, lower fuel economy, your plugs where out twice as fast, hard starting, lower horse power and lower torque.

But single fire only fires one plug at a time, the one that should be fired, the one when the piston is fully compressed and full of fuel mixture. The other spark plug sits and waits its turn. So, you get the opposite of dual fire; less vibration, better fuel economy, your plugs last twice as long, easier starting, more horsepower and torque. The Ultima® Digital Ignition is designed to provide the correct curves and total timing for Ultima engines and other larger cubic inch or high performance engines.

These units will also replace the OEM HD® factory ignition module and sensor used on 1970 and later Harley-Davidson EVO/Blockhead & Shovelhead motors. It is also an ideal upgrade for early electronic and breaker-point systems that require a mechanical advancer. The entire ignition fits inside the engine in place of the cam sensor or point plate and connects directly to the coils without the use of an external module. This unit will operate in single - or dual-fire mode and features 8 advance curves and 4 rpm limits to fit a broad range of engine builds and riding styles. For nitrous and turbo equipped bikes, a single stage retard is provided.

A tach output is included, eliminating the need for an additional adapter when operating in single fire mode. Two diagnostic indicators assist in trouble shooting and static timing. Ultima products offers the finest electronic. Ignition system, packaged with the finest coil, at a very competitive price. These systems feature an industry standard electronic module with programmed curves.

Other features: Intelligent overvoltage / overcurrent protection, Adjustable retard timing and Short circuit protection. Ignition kit includes single fire coil that puts out over 30,000 volts with fast rise times and high energy. If you do not provide the Urbanization name your item will be delayed. Engines and other items going common carrier may take a little longer.

I sell from the stock on the shelf in my shop, so occasionally I will run out on the shelf. However, more is always on the way.

Some items take longer to get replaced in stock and may take a little longer, but rarely do. Please, if you have any problems contact me before leaving negative or neutral feedback so I can fix it for you. If you feel we have not achieved this status, please let us know what we can do to earn it.

Customer Service is very important to us! All my "New in the Box" items are guaranteed. If it is to be replaced, you cannot be the cause of the damage or defect. Sorry, I have been trying to avoid this. So, please put a note in the box.

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ULTIMA Dyna 2K Single Fire Programmable Ignition Kit'70 & up Harley EVO/Shovel

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